If “retro” pushes your buttons, get your Mustang now, because you’ll barely  recognize the upcoming 50th Anniversary re-do of one of America’s favorite cars.

Yes…while constantly updated and improved, the 2013 Ford Mustang is unmistakably related to the 1964 Mustang that created the phrase “pony car”…and pretty much created the whole class of “personal” car.

“Personal” car  as in while the ‘Stang has a back seat, it’s really a two+ person car…with the rear seats most appropriate for children or odds and ends.

And that’s OK, because the Mustang is all about fun.

Part of the fun comes as soon as you turn the key.

Mustangs come standard with a 305HP V-6 and a 6-speed stick shift…with a 6-speed auto optional.

This kind of performance lets today’s 6-cylinder Mustang run circles around it’s ancestors…performance-wise as well as in economy.

The 6 is rated at 19 MPG city and 31 highway.   That’s strong for a car that performs like today’s Mustang.

If you need a little more GO…well, a lot more, actually… the Mustang GT has a 5 liter, 420 HP V8…one of the few remaining V-8’s left in today’s energy-conscious environment.   And even theV-8 is rated at up to 25 or 26 hwy mpg…depending upon transmission.   My ’64 V-8 Mustang got maybe 12 MPG in comparison….and was a lot slower.

And after 50 years on the road, you’ll still get an occasional “thumbs up” from fellow drivers who appreciate what the Mustang represents.

Mustangs start in the low 20’s.   Our $29,880 version was a “premium” edition that included leather, a power drivers’ seat, Ford’s voice-activated Synch controls…plus a $995 “pony” package that included a spoiler, rocker panel tape stripe, and polished 18” wheels.   Hey…why not?   That’s just all part of what makes a Mustang a Mustang!

2013 mustang side 4 2013 Ford Mustang2013 ford mustang front 1 2013 Ford Mustang2013 mustang rear 2 2013 Ford Mustang2013 ford mustang v 6 premium interior 5 2013 Ford Mustang


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