LEESBURG, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – Joshua Carter seems like a typical guy when you first meet him. However, he can do one thing that most people cannot.

“It was probably elementary school to middle school [when] I realized that I could touch my shoulders and nobody else could,” he told WALB News.

His special skill is attributed to a genetic condition called cleidocranial dysostosis, according to CBS affiliate WLFI.

“It’s a condition in where you can have defects in certain parts of the connective tissue in the body,” Dr. Troy Skidmore of the Phoebe Orthopaedic Specialty Group told the station. “In this circumstance, you’re looking at bone, in where the clavicle may not form or may be shorter that it would be.”

Most genetic disorders are quite rare and affect one person for every thousand – or even million. But Carter has company within his own family.

“My sister, my mom, and my mom’s granddad [all have it],” Carter added to WALB.

The disorder reportedly does not have any long-term harmful effects on patients who have it.

Skidmore added that “these people end up living normal lives, meaning in longevity.”


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