As a man of faith, I think I read an account of the Dead Sea Scrolls which noted Moses had an 11:00 a.m. massage and inadvertently rushed God while he was dictating the 10 Commandments.  In actuality, there were supposed to be 11.  The 11th Commandment simply read “Thou Shall Forgive Athletes Who Break Your Heart.”

Unfortunately, I have not been able to master this discipline.  Time to go into the confessional.  “Father forgive me, for I have sinned, as I’ve not been able to forgive Kobe Bryant for breaking up the Lakers.”  He and Shaq could have rattled off 10 championships. Did Kobe ship Shaq to Miami?  No! But he could have stopped it.

Don’t get too sanctimonious because I’ve listened and read via Twitter the hatred of fans.  But far more disturbingly, there has been a hidden agenda in coverage against the likes of not just LeBron James but also Jay Cutler and Michael Vick.  I would rather hear folks just come clean and say, “I hate King LeBron because he left the mistake by the lake” or “I don’t like Cutler because he’s a jerk” or “I don’t like Vick because he’s a dog killer.”

Yes, it took King LeBron a minute to win it all but last I checked, sports will always be a team game.  As for the two enigmatic hurlers, they have struggled.  That said, no member of the media will mention that Cutler’s poor mechanics at times stem from 2 or 3 fire breathing defensive lineman being draped over him. As for Vick, no one has mentioned that he was hit on 25 of the 30 turnovers.  These are known as facts.

And before you use the “hackneyed apologist BS,” check these numbers — no pair of QB’s have been hit more than Cutler and Vick this year.  All I ask is that if you don’t like them, just say you don’t like them.  I’m not buying the code and innuendo that these guys can’t play QB.  Matt Cassell and Blaine Gabbart can’t play QB.

So I ask you, “Who Can’t You Forgive”?


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