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Much of what was said during the third presidential debate by President Barack Obama on Monday night reminded viewers of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the decisions she’s made while serving in the high-profile post under President Obama, there is no denying that she has been a powerful presence throughout the world – not just here in the United States.

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Hillary Clinton is a glowing example of the heights women are reaching in the United States in recent times. She contradicts the notion thrust forth by President Obama and his political party that there is an alleged-“War on Women”. I’ve written it before, and I’ll write it again. Anyone who lifts a fist to the women of the 2000s in the United States will have an unpleasant surprise in their forceful response. American women of the 2000s are no shrinking violets as President Obama suggests with his constant notion that there is some sort of “War on Women” in this country.

Leading the pack of women who will put any man or another woman in her place is United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It’s surprising she hasn’t openly challenged Obama’s constant reference to the alleged ill-plight of the female in this country. She knows better. Besides Obama being incorrect, it’s degrading to women for him to continually insist that females are downtrodden by our society. They aren’t.

All of Obama’s allegations about women getting paid less for equal work turned out to be a hoax after statistics were brought to the forefront. The only regard in which women are worse off these days is for the same reason men are worse off these days – Obama’s economy. It is not because of some supposed “War on Women” which Obama failingly tries to headline throughout this presidential campaign.

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Again, his own creation of Hillary Clinton as the United States Secretary of State – the extremely strong Secretary of State she has been for four years – is the biggest denouncer of Obama’s claim that women are not getting their due these days. Women are doing quite well – as well as can be expected in this Obama economy.

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