Las Vegas, NV (WAOK)—Rapper and reality star Flavor Flav was arrested yesterday after assaulting his fiancée and threatening her son.

Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, Jr., was charged with battery and assault with a deadly weapon. Allegedly, the fight began after Drayton was accused of cheating on Trujillo, Drayton’s fiancée. According to the filed police report, Drayton then shoved Trujillo to the floor.

After seeing his mother getting assaulted, Trujillo’s 17-year-old son came to her defense and began to fight with Drayton. The report then states that Drayton eventually grabbed two knives and chased the teenager to his sister’s room. Drayton then allegedly kicked the door down to the room and threatened to harm the teenager.

Although Drayton denies chasing the teenager with knives, he confirms all other accusations; however, police did find cuts on Drayton’s hand and they also found knives on the kitchen floor.

Drayton was arrested and transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Submitted by: Brent Yancy, Student Writer


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