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The election of 2012 apparently has a “gate” of its own now that the scandal is finally making its way to some headlines from coast to coast – and probably even in the “foreign” press as well. Despite reported efforts on the part of the Obama White House to stop the story from spreading, it is now becoming common knowledge that there are improprieties in the massive donations being given to President Barack Obama regarding his reelection efforts in 2012.

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As Obama and his campaign boast a $181-million month in September 2012 in fundraising, the story has now broken during the first week of this month which says that there is a scandal regarding the Obama campaign’s foreign donor situation. There is a lengthy report which says there is an incredibly huge amount of campaign donations coming from overseas.

While President Obama’s campaign claimed, this past Saturday, that the September donations came from 1.8 million donors, the story regarding foreign donations coincides – or collides – with the story regarding Obama’s biggest-donor month-to-date.

Besides the pathetically poor economy, the 7.8% unemployment rate which was promised to be closer to 5% by now via Obama’s stimulus jobs, foreign affairs and policies that have led to the horrendous anti-American stance throughout the Middle East, and the poor debate performance last Wednesday night in Denver against GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney, President Obama now has a “gate” of his own of which he must contend.

The Washington Examiner news source was the first to report last week that the story would come to a head on Monday via a major magazine and national website. Allegedly, the details which Team Obama has unsuccessfully tried to block were covered-up, gate-style, last week, but are going being revealed this week. At the time this article is being written, all that is nearly-certain is that taxes as well as unsecured credit card transactions are involved with the foreign donation scandal.

It has even been seriously suggested that one of the most possible reasons for President Obama’s distant-demeanor during the October 3 debate with Mitt Romney could have been that this “foreign-donor-gate” has been weighing heavily on his mind for days.

Naturally, it is something that needs to be further investigated with information revealed to the public. America has had reelections of presidents in the past during the “hints” of illegal scandals, and they have only caused a non-productive, horrendous second term for the president – and more importantly – the nation-at-large.

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Remember the timing of Watergate and the mess it left the country in when the truth didn’t come out until Richard M. Nixon was reelected. Obama’s potential scandal needs to be openly reported on now to avoid another horrendous second term of a “gate” presidency.

“Gate”-incidences have obviously not lost elections for presidents, but they have definitely destroyed presidencies. Thus far, this scandal is being swept under the political rug by the bulk of the media during the initial stages of the story. History has clearly dictated that such stories need to come out immediately – as the corruption is found.


Since this article was written, the primary source of this developing story – the Washington Examiner – has been disproven by newly-released information stating that inaccurate Google translations of foreign website posts produced misinformation. An apology is offered for any inconvenience this may have caused, and every effort will continually be made to present accurate information.

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