On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we tackled another steamy relationship topic.  The topic of discussion for today was “How Black Women Run Away Men?”.  This article was found on survivingdating.com, and relationship website.

The show was highly controversial, and listeners rushed to the phone lines to voice their opinion.  Our special guest was  Relationship Expert and Author Deborah Cooper form survivingdating.com.  We were also joined by Lamont, a 35-year-old Police Officer, who has given up on black women for many of the reasons stated in the article.

Deborah Cooper conducted a study amongst a group of men to find out why they refuse to date Black Women, and below are the 7 reasons they all shared in common.

7 Ways Black Women Run Men Away

  1. Mouthy
  2. Messy/Busy Body/Drama Queen
  3. Lazy
  4. Habitual Liar
  5. Unfaithful
  6. Fair Weather Woman
  7. No Sex

The article “How Black Women Run Away Men” can be found on survivingdating.com

Take a listen at today’s show!

Relationship Clip 1:

Relationship Clip 2:

Relationship Clip 3:

Relationship Clip 4:


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