A Puerto Rican politician today said that a senator engaged in “low politics” when she called him a “monkey.”
“That’s what people do when they have no choice and when they can not combat your ideas,” Resident Commissioner Candidate Rafael Cox Alomar said. “I think that both the people here in Puerto Rico, as the people did in the U.S. did in 2008, here in Puerto Rico, are going repudiate that type of low politics.” Alomar was called a “monkey” by Senator Lornna Soto during the Democratic National Convention last week. He said if there is an apology it should be for all to hear. “The apology should not be directed to me, it should be directed to the people of Puerto Rico,” he told Redding News Review.

Leading Democrat Rev. Al Sharpton, who was asked about the slur during his radio show, told a caller that he would have an answer about what he would do on Friday. What’s more, the Democratic National Committee has remained silent about the remark. In contrast, the Republican National Committee took quick action issuing a statement and removed two attendees for calling a black camerawoman an “animal” during its convention. NYC Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito has been trying to get Soto to apologize.

The 8th District representative told the Redding News Review radio show that she did not know why the DNC has declined to respond to multiple phone calls and an two emails on the matter.

“I don’t know,” Mark-Viverito said of the DNC. “I am assuming that probably sometimes people don’t want to get involved in local politics, or what they perceive as local politics.”

Soto could be reached for comment.


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