ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — A recent Gallup study finds that stay-at-home moms are struggling more than working moms.

After interviewing 60,000 women, Gallup found that 28 percent of stay-at-home moms reported dealing with depression for much of the day, compared to that of 17 percent of working moms. The study also showed that stay-at-home moms deal with more stress, sadness and anger.

“When someone has a baby in our culture, or even adopts one, they can lose status, income, friends and the life they knew and were used to,” Sara Rosenquist, a reproductive health psychologist, told Metro Parent.

Metro Parent states that stay-at-home moms might feel down because the lack of appreciation or sense of accomplishment.

In 2009, The New York Times reported a story in where moms brought bottles of milk and wine to play-dates. One of those mothers, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, a former comedian and writer who published “Naptime is the New Happy Hour” and “Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay,” was featured in the article.

Taylor explained to the paper the trials of having a child, drinking more and finding sobriety.

“It was a taboo moment,” Wilder-Taylor told The Times. “It was a way to express that we’re still fun people. Just because we have babies doesn’t mean we can’t have an adult side.”

Wine companies have even exploited this trend with inventing a wine famously called “Mommies Time Out” with the slogan: “You deserve a break. Take a mommy’s time out.”

Occasionally bars sponsor happy hours for moms with babies. Social media groups bring moms together to form monthly wine tastings online, where moms can sit at home, open a bottle of wine, sip and tweet.

In the Gallup study, stay-at-home moms found other ways to cope with depression by continuing education, blogging and joining the gym to have some social time with others.

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