Off to the Arena for President Bill Clinton!  Wait for it, wait for it, NO!  Here’s goes Secret Service, “we are not allowing anyone in the Arena, the Fire Marshal has shut it down.”  So, I waited and waited and waited.  About 1.5 hours later (approximately 9:05pm which began to scare me that I might miss THE speech) they opened the gates and I dashed in.  I grabbed the only seat available in the GA Delegation and it was next to Rev. Joseph Lowery, WINNING!  I made it in time to hear Sandra Fluke and Elizabeth Warren.

Last stop, I went to unwind at the CNN Grill and ran into my friends from Atlanta, Wonya Lucas who is the President of TV One along with her sister and friend.  My friend Keisha works for CNN and I was able to grab her for a quick chat (she’s been in charge of the CNN Grill and working like a beast).  I went to the Ritz Carlton to meet up with classmates from Spelman  and ran into NAACP President Ben Jealous.  We chatted and Ben agreed to come on my show next week to talk post DNC.  Should be a great conversation.  Next…bed!

THEN, time for my #2 favorite President, Bill Clinton.  He looked so refined and spoke with such a casual authority.  My favorite lines were “He (referring to POTUS) had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama.”  ”Republicans live in an alternate universe” and “it’s just arithmetic”.   This was the best speech of the day and by far a game changer for the election.  Then the beautiful surprise…in walks the President.  After, I had the pleasure of going into the suite levels of the Arena and doing a live broadcast for 11 Alive News with Melissa Long.  It was so much fun.