I woke up refreshed and ready to go.  I headed to the Charlotte Convention Center for my first Black Caucus Meeting.  I walked in and saw my old friend Mike Blake and Donna Brazile was speaking.  She was excellent and fired up the crowd.  I also ran into Rev. Jesse Jackson at the Convention Center.  I then met up with my cousin Alicia and we headed to the CarolinaFest where we bought Obama shirts, pins and heard some good music when Jonelle Monae performed.  We visited many of the sponsor trucks and vendors that are in town for the Convention.  It was a fun day in the streets of Charlotte.  We had to walk 15 blocks back to her car because EVERY street in Charlotte is cut off for this convention.  So, if you are on your way, park and take shuttle buses, cabs and train.  Off to get dressed for the GA Delegation Black Tie Event and then a party with John Legend at NASCAR and a late night party with The Roots!  Pics to come tonight.