DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. —(AJC/WAOK)-Testimony is underway in the case against Tracen Franklin, one of the four suspects charged in the beating death of Bobby Tillman. One of the teenaged girls who threw the fateful house party where Tillman was beaten to death testified about witnessing the savage attack.

According to the AJC, Alexis Thompson testified that the four men beat Tillman “like he’d just killed somebody’s mom or something.”

Ariana Thompson testified that she invited Bobby to the party because she had a crush on him. The crowd got out of control. Police were called when adult chaperones could not get the young people to leave.

At one point, witnesses testified that several groups of girls started fighting.

One girl, according to Assistant District Attorney Bonnie Smith, hit one of the Tracen Franklin’s friends. That friend didn’t want to retaliate against a girl, so the four of them decided to “pop” the first male they saw. It was Bobby Tillman.

The medical examiner said the beating was so severe, it tore a hole in Tillman’s heart.

Tillman was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Testimony in the death penalty case is scheduled to resume Friday morning. The other three suspects either pleaded guilty or announced their intention to plead guilty before the trial started.

Franklin was a football star who was home visiting his mother from college when the beating happened. The Douglas County District Attorney is seeking the death penalty.


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