Was  Condoleeza Rice, Arthur Davis, and Mia Love the only black people at the Republican National Convention (RNC)?

There was no representation of black people at the RNC amongst the sea of white faces.  If you’re anything other than a rich white male, how can you relate to anything that was going on at the convention?

It has also been reported that a group of GOP attendees were ejected from the convention for throwing nuts at a black female camera operator saying, “this is how we feed our animals”.  Are these the people that we want running our country?

The Republicans do not seem to want Mitt Romney as their candidate due to the  their lack of enthusiasm and the low turnout. Several divisions of the Republican party like  the Tea Party were not present at the convention.

There was not a lot passion at the RNC. There was no passion between Mitt Romney and his wife. Her speech did not feel genuine. Mo did not buy Ann Romney’s reference to having to use a table as an ironing board to try to convince us that her and Mitt Romney have struggled.

Hear What Mo and Callers have to say about the Republican National Convention below!

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