Good morning! So, Mitt Romney has 0 percent black support and 28% Hispanic support. President Obama has 95% Black vote  and 63% Hispanic Vote.

The swing voter for POTUS is the white woman!

What can he do to court and get their vote?

Obama should talk about his moms struggle with cancer due to lack of healthcare. He also should list the several things the GOP is against that will help women. Mitt Romney voted against the Lily Ledbetter act which would grant women equal pay as men.

A Facebook commentator listed the GOP’s war on women…

  1.  Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds
  2. Equal Pay for Women Bill blocked by GOP in Senate
  3. BLUNT Amendment
  4. De-funding Planned Parenthood
  5. Women who use Contraception are Sluts, Whores
  6. Anti-Abortion Bills
  7. Personhood Laws
  8. Opposition of the Violence Against Women Bill
  9. Women’s Health Insurance

Several people suggested that President Obama should keep doing what he is doing and let the GOP reveal their non support of women themselves.

Hear What Mo and Callers Suggest Below!


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