Kinda’  like the Three Bears, the GMC Terrain isn’t too big…isn’t too little…but seems to be “just right”.

The Terrain is GMC’s version of Chevy’s successful Equinox…but unlike the Equinox, the Terrain has a muscular, bulging, boxy look that it wears quite well.

These are 5-passenger SUV’s…no third-row is offered…but in return for the smaller size that comes with no third row, the Terrain is easily maneuverable and rather economical…at least as SUV’s go.

For a family of three or four, a vehicle like this just makes all the sense in the world.

The rear bench can hold three…and the rear seat slides and reclines…giving second-row passengers actual limo-like legroom and reclining comfort when you don’t need to use every last inch of cargo space.

The Terrain comes standard with an excellent and surprisingly powerful 4-cylinder engine that is rated at up to 32 MPG.   Unless you’re towing boats, jet skis, or bikes…or commuting to theNorth Georgiamountains, the 4-cylinder may be all the engine that you really need.

Our test vehicle came with GM’s 3 liter six-cylinder and a six-speed automatic.

It came in a “steel blue metallic” finish with perforated black leather and 18 inch chrome wheels….a look that both men and women seemed to find equally appealing.

We also had a 7-inch screen with back-up cam and nav, an 8-speaker premium audio system, leather steering wheel, heated front buckets, and all the expected connectivity.

With the six cylinder and a trailer-towing package, our Terrain was rated at 17 – 24 MPG.   We averaged 22 in a week of mixed driving.

In the 2012 model year the SLT was Terrain’s top model.  Ours listed for $34,255.  In ’13, GMC will offer a Denali version with even more upscale features and GM’s most excellent 3.6 liter six…a version of the same engine used in the Camaro and the Cadillac.

Due to advances in engineering, this bigger six won’t cost you a single MPG.

Again, go with the four cylinder if economy is important to you…or hold out for the 3.6 if performance is your thing.   It’s an awesome engine!

447 300x225 2012 GMC Terrain

439 300x225 2012 GMC Terrain

442 150x150 2012 GMC Terrain

445 300x225 2012 GMC Terrain

443 300x225 2012 GMC Terrain

440 300x225 2012 GMC Terrain


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