It’s just hard to see this car…to drive this car…and not say “Imitation Mercedes”.

But hey…maybe that’s doing he Genesis an injustice…as the Genesis comes with a 333 HP six ( 31 more HP than a Mercedes “E” class)…and Hyundai’s now famous 10-year / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

Hyundai packs a lot of features…and a lot of value…into their vehicles…and the Genesis is perhaps one of the better examples of that.

Listing at just over $35,000, the base Genesis includes that 333 HP six we just mentioned, an 8-speed automatic, heated leather, 17” alloys, heated mirrors, an acoustic laminated windshield and side glass, leather wheel, a 7-speaker audio system and more.

Bump it up another $8,800 for the Technology and Premium Packages and you’re still under $44,000….and you’ll add:  a 17-speaker audio with all the expected connectivity and nav, Xenon headlights, parking assist, cooled front seats and heated rears, premium leather, moonroof, leather dash and doors, and  18” alloys with upgraded tires.

And that $44,000 is roughly $15,000 less than a comparably equipped Mercedes.

I’m just sayin’……………

How’s it drive?  Comfortably and competently.

Whether around the block or down toMiami, the Genesis is a real pleasure to drive.   Some of the most comfortable seats I’ve experienced…good performance from the engine, transmission and brakes…and plenty of room for 5.

Now some might say that the radio is a little over-complicated, but that seems to be the norm these days.

The Genesis 3.8 is rated at 19 city and 28 highway.   We averaged around 24.5 with the usualAtlantafreeway / in-town commute.

You can also get a Genesis with a couple of V-8’s.   They’re truly marvelous performers, but for the average person, Hyundai’s 3.8 six should provide all the power they’ll ever use…and then some.

There’s a lot of truly excellent luxury cars available today.

The Genesis is one of ‘em.

DSCN2127 300x225 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

DSCN2131 300x225 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

DSCN2125 300x225 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

DSCN2124 300x225 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

DSCN2126 300x225 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8


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