On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we talked about all of the drama surrounded around Olympian Gabby Douglas hair.  The controversy has opened up the discussion about hair and how it affect the status of the African American woman.  Many people say that hair has been a factor in determining the success of black woman, and constantly has contributed to many stereotypes.  The topic of our discussion was “Is Hair more important than History”?

Our special guest was La Keisha Gray-Sewell who wrote the article ” The Politics of Black Hair: The Real Reason behind the Gabby douglas Hair Scandal”.  The show was very informing as La Keisha illustrated the ways the hair has shaped the life of the black woman. Several listeners called in to share their experience with hair, and how it has effect their life.  In addition, men called in to share why they have a hair preference, and what a woman’s hair style reveals about their character

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