Today on Free Your Mind Friday!

  • More ethnic controversy at the Olympics
  • Minnesota Teacher discriminating against black students
  • Egypt Cares Kids Family Foundation
  • so much more!

Olympian Leo Manzano, was born in Mexico and came to America at the age of four. After winning a silver medal in the 1500m race for the US, he ran his victory lap carrying the US flag and the Mexican flag. His teammates thought that it was very disrespectful. Mo feels that if he wanted to represent Mexico he could have ran for Mexico like other American athletes do when they want to represent their culture.

Minnesota teacher Tim Olmsted, has been discriminating against black students for years and has not suffered any consequences. He has been quoted calling the students “fat, black and stupid.” He also has said that he would rather teach rich white folks than poor black folks. He required the black students in his class to sit in the back of the room and face the wall. Minnesota has no regulations in place to punish teachers for discriminatory actions. He is currently on paid leave until they can figure out what to do.

Also, students from the Egypt Cares Foundation Media Bootcamp stopped by the studio to visit!

Hear All Of This And More Below!

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