Delhi Charter School in Louisiana has made it their duty to keep pregnant girls out of their school. They have implemented a new pregnancy policy that if a girl is suspected of being pregnant then they will require her to take a pregnancy test. There claim is to promote acceptable character traits. If a girl is suspected to be pregnant her parents are called in and if they refuse to allow their daughter to be pregnant she will be removed from the school. If the girl is found to be pregnant she will be removed from school and required to be home schooled. Delhi Charter School has been removing girls from school for being pregnant since 2006.

This raises the question of if schools should be involved in moral issues. Some people believe that the school is being too intrusive and this should be dealt with by the parents. The ACLU is calling this discriminatory. The school has no right to ban pregnancy girls from attending. There is no mention of what will happen to the boy who impregnated the girl.

How do you suspect someone of being pregnant? Should Schools Be Allowed To Test Girls Whom They Suspect Are Pregnant?

Debbie Seagraves informed Mo on the show that The Louisiana Department of Education has now stepped up and told Delhi that they no longer are allowed to test girls to see of they are pregnant.

Hear Callers, Executive Director of ACLU, Debbie Seagraves, Journalist Tiseme Zegeya  give Mo their opinions on this issue below!

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