DECATUR, Ga. (AP/AJC/WAOK) — The widow of a Georgia businessman who was gunned down outside a suburban Atlanta preschool in 2010 was taken into custody today, a prosecutor’s spokesman confirmed.

According to the AJC, Andrea Sneiderman was arrested in the 2010 killing of her husband, Rusty Sneiderman. The indictment charges her with racketeering, malice murder, attempted murder, insurance fraud, perjury and false statements. She has denied any involvement in her husband’s death, and her attorneys on Thursday repeated that she is innocent.

“We categorically deny each and every one of the charges that were filed against Andrea today,” attorney J. Tom Morgan said. “We are looking forward to a vigorous and complete defense to ensure that Andrea is fully exonerated of these false accusations. We are confident that, when an unbiased jury hears the facts of this case, it will be clear that Andrea is innocent.”

Her actions on the day her husband was fatally shot outside Dunwoody Prep remain the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case. That morning, she testified during Neuman’s trial, she was contacted by an administrator at the day-care facility and told only there had been an accident not involving her son, Ian.

“Did they at any time tell you what happened to Rusty?” DeKalb Chief Deputy D.A. Don Geary asked Sneiderman on the first day of her testimony.

“Nope. They said you need to come here. I presumed it was Rusty,” the widow replied.

She later testified she did not learn what had happened to her husband until she arrived at Atlanta Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. It would prove to be a crucial statement: Her father-in-law, Don Sneiderman, and close friend, Shayna Citron, both testified that Andrea called — before she got to the hospital — to inform them Rusty had been shot.

Russell Sneiderman, an ambitious Harvard-educated businessman, was gunned down just after he dropped his son off at a preschool in Dunwoody in November 2010.

The case drew national attention after authorities arrested Andrea Sneiderman’s boss and charged him with the slaying.

The trial largely centered on whether Andrea Sneiderman was involved in an affair with Neuman, who was convicted.

After the trial, Neuman’s defense attorneys and Russell Sneiderman’s family said they hoped that prosecutors would investigate Andrea Sneiderman in the killing.

Russell Sneiderman’s brother, Steve, said the family has long suspected Andrea was involved in Russell’s death, and the trial only confirmed their suspicions.

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