ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Preparing for a zombie apocalypse does pay off, but it’s hard work. Although battling the hordes of eBay bidders and gathering everything piecemeal could be one preferred method, an Illinois-based company has created an easier way.

Optics Planet created Z.E.R.O. a one stop solution for zombie fighters everywhere.

Z.E.R.O., short for “Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations”, is a kit that contains everything someone would need to keep alive during a zombie outbreak. Initially priced at $31,375, the kit has been discounted to $23,999 with delivery available to the customer’s home or armed complex.

The kit contains a number of items for standard survival, including a first aid kit, an entire box of batteries, solar panel, and several packs to carry gear.  It also includes science equipment such as syringes, a few beakers, and a microscope. The company advises customers should search for a cure or they’ll “search for a grave.”

Perhaps the most fun parts of the Z.E.R.O. kit is the equipment with a more offensive capability. There’s a custom holographic sight with a biohazard reticule, a custom-made zombie-fighting knife, and tactical gloves with ridged knuckles — because “punching zombies is the most fun you can have.”

However if punching is not your style, Optics Planet includes an OPMOD Battle Mug.

“You can go from thirst-quenching to death-dealing in less than .45 seconds,” the company says in its packaging. “We tested that.”

Despite the discounted rate and the zombie mania that’s sweeping the nation, Optics Planet has not sold very many Z.E.R.O. kits.  Brian Weiss, marketing team leader for Optics Planet, told CBS Atlanta “it’s more of a novelty item.”

“We have a lot of stuff already that are related to zombies, and we thought it would be fun to put together a collection of all that stuff,” Weiss said.

However Z.E.R.O. kits serve another purpose.  “We wanted to raise awareness of what people could need in a survival situation, like with the weather we’ve been having lately,” Weiss told CBS Atlanta. “We want to get people thinking about what they could use. “

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