Today on the Mo Ivory Show, the heated discussion topic is the Jackson family feud. The Jackson siblings are upset that they were left out of the will and are trying to contest. Twenty percent of Jackson’s one billion dollar estate goes to his mother, the remaining eighty percent is being split amongst his three children.

Randy Jackson and Al Sharpton claim that Michael was in New York the date the will was said to be signed, not in Los Angeles. They want the current executers, John Branca and John McClain to be removed from handling the will.

Mo revealed to listener’s that if the the will is found to be fraudulent, the children will receive one hundred percent of Jackson’s estate and next in line will be their children. If the will is contested in court Katherine Jackson will lose her share of MJ’s estate.

Paris Jackson has been taking to twitter, expressing her feelings about all the turmoil going on in her family. There has also been photos revealed that show Janet scolding Paris and trying to take her phone. Paris is upset that she hasn’t heard from her grandmother. Katherine was taken to stay with family, because her health was failing and she needed rest. Mo likes that

Mo feels that the siblings should get a job and do not deserve to be apart of Jackson’s will. They need to stop worrying Katherine and leave the will alone.

Hear Mo’s views on this issue below!

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