Today on the Mo Ivory Show, the discussion topic was the Penn State sanctions that were issued by the NCAA today. Penn State has to pay a sixty million dollar fine, aren’t allowed to participate in bowl games for four years, scholarships have been reduced from twenty-five to fifteen, and Paterno has been stripped from his winnings from 1998-2011.

After hearing the sanctions, Mo feels that this isn’t enough. They should suffer all of the consequences and also receive the death penalty. SMU’s (Southern Methodist University) football program was given the death penalty for having players on their payroll which is a lesser crime than keeping quiet about child molestation. Penn State’s program can easily pay the sixty million dollar fine from the money they will make during the football season. The football program will not suffer financially from these penalties.

Mo also mentioned that they should sanction individual fines to the people who knew about this crime. They also should charge  Paterno’s and Sandusky’s estates along with their wives and families. Mo believes that the wives knew that this was going on and were too comfortable with their lifestyles to care.

Mo brought sports expert Robert Calloway from Sports Kings Radio into the studio to explain how these sanctions will effect Penn State and the future of their football program.

Here the discussion below!


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