The father of two Auburn students today says the charges will be dropped against his son who he says he was racially harassed by two Auburn football players. Henry M. Carter, of Atlanta, says that the police chief of the Auburn police Department assures him that the disorderly conduct charge against his 22-year-old son Kenya Carter will be dropped this week after being arrested when the police were called to a local McDonalds. Auburn Police Capt. Thomas L. Stofer, a spokesman, had no knowledge of the charge being dropped. The elder Carter had turned to Facebook to tell the story of how his son was wrongly arrested after his daughter and son had been racially harassed by two Auburn football players.

He wrote on Facebook: “Reese Dismukes and another person named Patrick [Miller] approach them in an aggressive manner. Calling my Daughter the B word and ‘Nigger.’ My son took offense to their aggression and they said they would crush him like they just crushed a CD that was placed on a table.” He said that the two football players were let go and his son, Kenya, was sent to jail for disorderly conduct. Dismukes is considered one of the best football players in the conference. The elder Carter has also said that Dismukes has denied to Auburn officials using the N-word. Auburn University has not returned a call to comment. To hear more go to


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