ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) — A group of leaders of local affiliates of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is suing the national organization saying Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is its current and lawful president.

The group filed a civil complaint seeking an emergency hearing on the matter on Tuesday and is calling for a judge to stop the civil rights group’s annual meeting scheduled for Thursday in Sanford, Florida.

Farris says he was unfairly forced out earlier this year. Rev. C.T. Vivian is the SCLC interim president.

A spokesman for the SCLC says the organization has no comment on the lawsuit, but added that none of the plaintiffs are “bonafide members” of the group.

On-going internal fighting amongst SCLC members has caused many to feel the attention detracts from the original purpose of the organization.

The SCLC was co-founded by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1957 to fight racial injustice.

Written and Submitted by: Asha Staples


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