Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News veteran, Monica Pearson, visited dave fm today to help Mara with Radio Free Lunch. Monica will be retiring at the end of July from WSB-TV after 37 years with the station.

Every day, Mara plays songs with a unifying theme on Radio Free Lunch. But today’s theme was simply “Monica’s Favorite Songs.” Some of her favorites include anything by the Rolling Stones, especially “Brown Sugar,” the Police, R.E.M., Lenny Kravitz, especially “American Woman,” Mary J. Blige, Carlos Santana, (“love him and the shoes he designs, may wear a pair to the studio,”) Norah Jones, the Beatles, (“actually did some of their songs in Latin in high school, I graduated in 1965 and they were still hot,”) and the Indigo Girls.

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A video of the hour will be up soon, but in the meantime, here are the photos!

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