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President Barack Obama is on a whirlwind campaign tour in which he’s trying to convince Americans to vote for him in November. Of course, he believes that he is convincing people that he’s the better candidate by bashing his opponent Mitt Romney. He spends all of his campaign time calling Romney a liar and trying to stir up yet another media frenzy that can’t possibly change America for the better.

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At this point, Obama would serve the country better – which he was elected to do – if he quit the name-calling, went back home, and actually accomplished something for this nation. It’s his last chance to create any sort of positive legacy whatsoever for himself.

The list of things Obama could be doing back home in Washington, D.C. is lengthy. He could be dealing with the 8.2% unemployment situation, the economy which Americans suffer from daily, foreign policy of which Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is having difficulty handling without any support whatsoever from the White House, the oil prices which finally dipped a bit a month ago but have already risen right back up where they were, crime increasing throughout the nation, murder rates skyrocketing in the big cities, and so much more that’s gotten worse in the past four years.

If Obama had just a hint of an accomplishment to boast about on the campaign trail, he would be doing it. But he doesn’t. All he has been saying over and over again is that Mitt Romney is a bad guy. America already knows that there are a lot of bad guys in politics – and most of them would run this country a heck of a lot better than Obama has.

The “left” keeps saying that the President has done so much for the country. They stop there. They never complete the thought because there is nothing they can think of saying after those empty words.

What is it that Obama has done? If “leftists” really think the President has accomplished something – anything – in the past four years, they need to tell Obama so that he has something of substance to talk about on the campaign trail. It’s obvious that the man has nothing positive to say about his four years in office – or he would. All he has been doing on his “Forward” tour is trying to get Romney in a “gotcha” moment that either doesn’t exist or doesn’t really matter. Obama needs to quit playing the “gotcha” game, get back home and actually do the nation some good, and then boast about any positive accomplishments he possibly creates.

So far, Obama’s campaign may be a good time for the hordes of blind “Hope and Change” fans who still remain from 2008 and wouldn’t vote against a Democrat if their lives depended on it. However, America’s “free-lunchers” – a term I use to describe people who can work and support themselves but instead live off the government and hard-workers’ tax money in America – are even becoming discouraged with Obama’s campaign rhetoric of 2012. It looks like many of the “free-lunchers” are just going to sleep in on Election Day.

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Furthermore, Obama isn’t winning over independents or even the most disenchanted Republicans because he offers such voters nothing on the campaign trail but criticism of Romney.

Obama’s got it completely backwards. Romney is the guy who is supposed to be attacking Obama because the president is the one who has a four-year record of White House data to be evaluated. Obama, like other incumbents who ran for the presidency a second time, is supposed to be touting his achievements to deflect criticism of the opponent. But President Obama has nothing to tout. All he can do is what he did in 2008 – minus the “Hope and Change” chatter because most of America isn’t buying that nonsense again. All Obama is doing is bash his opponent as if he’s trying to win the White House for the first time.

Obama needs to stop talking about Romney and start talking about anything that he honestly feels he has accomplished since he entered the White House four years ago – whether he’s right or wrong about it being an accomplishment.

Actually, it’s downright frightening to realize that even the President has nothing positive to say about his presidency after four years.

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