Today on the Mo Ivory Show, the discussion topic is hot on Mitt Romney’s address to the NAACP. Why is Mitt Romney speaking instead of President Obama?  In this discussion the question was also raised , what does the NAACP really do? Many people know what the NAACP means but, can not name one program that they currently have running besides the NAACP Image Awards. Maybe, President Obama not showing up to the convention is a reflection of the irrelevancy of the NAACP in today’s society. What do you think?

Take a listen to what Mo and callers had to say on the issue.

After hearing Romney’s address at the 103rd NAACP Convention, Mo was very disturbed to hear people in the audience clapping for Romney’s comments. Were the dramatics of the organ playing during Romney’s speech too much? Did  President Obama’s absence from the convention hurt or help his campaign? Mo and several callers weigh in on this issue. Listen to what they have to say!

Mo pulls Frank Ski from the Frank and Wanda Morning Show in to get his views on the NAACP, black leaders, and black organizations. Who is going to take the place of our black leaders that are aging and retiring?  Take a listen to what he had to say!

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