By Jean Ross

Some local fireworks displays staged by the professionals ran into some problems last night. At least three people were injured from fireworks in separate accidents in Cherokee and Carroll Counties .

In Woodstock two employees were injured when a firework device exploded too close to the ground. One worker was sent to a local hospital but had non-life threatening injuries. The show was put on hold while they were treated.

In Carroll County, another worker was injured when one of the buckets holding the fireworks exploded on a pontoon boat. One man came up with third-degree burns and was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Finally, police in Albany say they suspended July 4th fireworks because a string of fights made the event unsafe.  Chief John Proctor says it became a safety and crowd control issue. Police say the fireworks show resumed after police cleared the area, but few people were left to see the end. Proctor says he had 85 officers assigned to the event. He blamed the fights on young people who were there with no adult supervision. Police say no one was seriously injured in the fights. Officers did make some arrests.


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