NORCROSS, GA (CBS ATL/WAOK) – The city of Norcross’ smoking ban was met with harsh criticism at Monday night’s council meeting – people worried the government might have gone too far banning all tobacco use city wide, and they gave the council an earful.

The ban on smoking tobacco as well as dip and chew was supposed to go into effect Monday, but instead the council voted unanimously to rescind the entire ordinance.

“I just think, what’s next?” said Norcross resident Sara Leavy during the public comment session. “What rights are you all going to take away from people here next?”

In February, council members passed a new ordinance banning smoking in Norcross, meaning no smoking on sidewalks downtown, at city hall and even public parks.

Some people thought the ban was a great idea.

“Why would you want smoke around any child?” asked park goer Brett Smith. “I think it’s fantastic.”

But not everybody thinks the ordinance was fair to everyone.

“If you want to ban it, at least make a section for people who do like to come to the park and enjoy themselves,” Bernard Johnson said.

At Monday’s city council meeting, not one person stood up in favor of the new legislation.

In a unanimous vote, the Norcross City Council repealed the new ordinance, immediately lifting the city-wide ban on tobacco.


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