This Volvo hardtop convertible is one fun and easy-to-like machine.

One reason is that it’s just flat fun to drive.   Excellent handling.  Solid brakes. Decent acceleration.   And that good-looking hard-top that goes up and down in seconds.   What’s not to like?

The C70 starts at a little over $41,000 including transportation.   Our test car came with Volvo’s “Inscription” Package, and included a higher-output 250 HP 2.5 liter turbocharged 5-cylinder engine, 18’ gloss-black rims, a leather-covered dash with contrasting stitching, a gloss-black grille, more leather and aluminum trim throughout the car…and listed at $47,775.

The 5-cylindeer is rated at 18 city and 28 highway.   We seemed to average right between 23 and 24 MPG….but remember…this is a fun car…and it’s hard to drive a fun car for maximum mileage!

One impressive thing about the C70 is that with the top up, you have no feeling of being in a convertible.  The inside is finished with all the trim that you’d expect in a fine luxury sedan.   And there is no noise or rattle from the top…either up or down.

Now…the C70 is pretty much a two-person car…even tho’ it does have rear seats.  Perhaps there’d be room in the rear seats behind a 5-foot driver…but the rear is a better place to throw bags and coolers than people.   And hey…do you really want more than one other special person in a car like this anyway?

But the C70 can handle a couple of bags in the trunk…even with the top down.   You just need to put them in there before you lower the top….as the top takes up the top-half of the trunk once it’s retracted.

You won’t see C70’s at every other stop light….as you seem to do for more common luxury /sport cars.    After a few miles in a C70, you may begin to wonder why!

 DSCN2121 300x225 2012 Volvo C70

DSCN2114 300x225 2012 Volvo C70

DSCN2119 300x225 2012 Volvo C70

 DSCN2117 150x150 2012 Volvo C70


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