This is a great city-car. And as such, one of the best things about driving the Yaris isn’t about driving it…it’s about parking it!

Yes…the Yaris was the perfect car to take to Summerfest inVirginiaHighlands.   The Yaris fit into a space that would have left the average vehicle blocking someone’s driveway…and saved me maybe an extra half-a-mile of walking.

The Yaris is on the frugal end ofToyota’s offerings….ranging from roughly $15,000 – $20,000 depending upon trim level and accessories.

Ours was a mid-range two-door “LE” Liftback with a somewhat dated 4-speed auto and cruise control.   Power door locks and windows are standard on the LE.

Our bright red test car listed at $16,909…and was rated at 30 mpg city and 35 highway.   The on-board computer indicated that we got 37 on a rather leisurely cruise down the freeway….and we averaged well above 30 for the week.   Solid numbers for any vehicle these days.

A patch of “soft-touch” material on the interior doors was an unexpected…as was the two-tone interior…and they were a welcome touch on an economy car of this type.

Other than that, however, the Yaris is a pretty basic machine…as you’d imagine for an under-$17,000 vehicle.

Wheel covers are standard on the LE…and much as I love a good set of alloys, they just might make the Yaris look overdressed!

Now…all that said…and maybe just because it was red…the Yaris is still able to bring out the devil in its’ drivers.

With it’s almost go-cart short length, light steering, and meaty little steering wheel, it’s all-too-easy to drive the Yaris like a motorcycle…darting in and out of traffic with abandon.

Like I said…maybe it was me…or maybe because it was bright red.

DSCN1652 300x225 2012 Toyota Yaris

DSCN1650 300x225 2012 Toyota Yaris

 DSCN1655 300x225 2012 Toyota Yaris

 DSCN1654 300x225 2012 Toyota Yaris

 DSCN1653 300x225 2012 Toyota Yaris


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