FSCN0949 300x225 Infiniti 2012 G Convertible

2012 Infiniti G 37 Convertible


What we have here is one fun toy.

Yes….remember when you’ve spoken to someone on the phone and then met them and said “Dang…they don’t look anything like they sounded.”

Not this car.

Hit the “start” button and it sounds just like it looks. A throaty growl greets you…and you’ll want to turn down the radio just to hear it better.

Shift the 7-speed auto into manual mode and kick it in 2nd or 3rd for even more jollies as the 325 HP 3.7 liter 6-cylinder gives you just about all you can ( should 🙂 handle on city streets!

Again….this Infiniti is all about fun and play. It’s a two-plus seater. Plenty of room for you and someone special…and a little room in the rear for luggage…laptops….maybe a small and thin couple of people on a quick run to lunch.

The Infiniti G convertible is a hardtop convertible…best of both worlds. Attractive and low-maintenance hardtop…that retracts into convertible form with a push of a button…in something like one minute. Even quicker when you go from convertible back to hardtop.

Performance isn’t an issue….and mileage is pretty much what you would expect from a performance vehicle. 17 city and 25 highway. We got as much as 28 mpg on the freeway…and averaged a bit over 20 overall. Go easy on the gas and you can do better….but why? This is all about fun….remember?

The G convertible starts at $47,295 including destination charge. Ours included Bose Open-Air sound…specially designed for open-top listening, climate controlled front seats with memory and power lumbar for the driver, nav, high-gloss maple inserts and illuminated kick-plates…and came in at $53,135 total.



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