DSCN0614 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan PickupsThe Beast…and the BFF
And we call the 4X4 Titan Crew Cab “The Beast” with respect.
This is one big, tough truck…especially in 4-wheel drive form.


DSCN0617 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan PickupsIt’s a big jump up into the cab…and the whole thing stands over six feet tall…224.5 inches long, and 79.5 inches wide. That’s almost one and a half Nissan Versa Hatchbacks long, for comparison.

The Titan SV comes standard with a 317 HP 5.6 liter V-8 and a 5-speed automatic, shift-on-the-fly 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel disc brakes, 18-inch alloys, and a 5’ 7” cargo bed.

This truck is ready to work on the inside, too…with dual captain’s chairs in the front, a fold-flat front passenger seat, Bluetooth, multiple 12-volt DC power outlets, and heated and extendable tow mirrors.

It’s rated to tow 7400 pounds. If you need a big, bad pickup for work or recreation…for doing all those manly things you see in the truck commercials…put this guy on your shopping list. Our test Titan stickered at $38,920 including destination charge.DSCN0611 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan Pickups

DSCN0612 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan Pickups

The only downside for all this size and capability? Mileage. The Titan is rated at 12 – 17 MPG.

On the other hand…if you need something to make your weekly run to the home improvement store and still get you back and forth to work, you might like to check out our new BFF….the Nissan Frontier.

This little(er) pickup comes as a two-door club cab and a four-door crew cab. The four-door can easily double as a family hauler. Plenty of room and comfort in the back for 2 or three…and plenty of “go” from their 4-liter, 261 HP six cylinder with 5-speed auto.

In four-door form, the Frontier SV is a full 19 inches shorter than the Titan and 7 inches narrower….making navigating Atlanta traffic a whole lot easier than in a full-size truck.

And as for totin’ a load, the Frontier gives up only 7 inches to the Titan in the cargo bed, and 1100 pounds of towing capacity.

In SV trim, our 2-wheel-drive Frontier Crew Cab stickered at $27,445 …including 16-inch alloys, power windows and doors, a durable cloth interior, Bluetooth, bedliner and more….and is rated at 15-20 mpg…and with that 4.0 liter six, this guy runs quite well, thank you!

What do you think….is bigger really better?DSCN0646 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan PickupsDSCN0642 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan PickupsDSCN0649 300x225 A Pair of 2012 Nissan Pickups




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