Where’s the rest of my car?

Yes…at first glance, the new 2012 Scion IQ looks a little “abbreviated”. But according to the folks atToyota, if you’re a fashion-forward Urban-dwelling trendsetter, the Scion IQ might just be all the car you need…or want.Scion outside 12 150x150 2012 Scion IQ


At just 10 feet long, the three-door hatchback IQ pretty much stops just past the drivers’ doors…but because of it’s 66-inch width, it feels just like any other compact car from the front seats.Scion outside 21 150x150 2012 Scion IQ

And to make you feel a little better about it’s short length, the IQ has an industry-best 11 airbags…including the world’s first rear-window airbag…which is a welcome feature as that rear window is just a few feet behind your head. Other safety features include vehicle stability control and traction control.Scion inside 12 150x150 2012 Scion IQScion inside 23 150x150 2012 Scion IQ

Thanks to a couple of interesting engineering innovations, the IQ is billed as the world’s smallest four-seater. Hard to believe when looking at it, but here’s how they do that. The passenger seat can slide further forward toward the dash than can the drivers’ seat…giving you enough room to put an adult passenger in the back…and then put a child behind the driver. Pushed full-forward, however, that front seat passenger might feel a little bit like a hood ornament.

Where the IQ excels is city driving. With go-cart-like handling and a small 13-foot turning radius, the IQ can almost turn around in it’s own length! As a “city-scooter” the Scion IQ has no equal. You’ll never want or need parallel parking assist on the IQ…it’s nimble size enables it to almost park itself.

The rear hatch won’t handle bicycles, but with 50 / 50 folding rear seats, the IQ can handle a week’s worth of groceries…a few gym bags…tennis racquets…maybe even a bag of golf clubs. Two people could pack lightly and even take the IQ to the beach for a long weekend….getting 37 MPG….along with quite a few curious stares.

The IQ has a 94 horsepower 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine and a continuously variable transmission…and is screwed together with typicalToyotaquality.

The IQ…which stands for “Intelligent Quality”…comes standard with Bluetooth and an AM / FM / CD / HD / USB 160-watt Pioneer audio system. Want to personalize yours? Scion offers an array of accessories including fog lights, audio upgrades, alloys, lowering kits, spoilers and more.

With traffic-stopping looks and priced to start under $16,000 including shipping charges, the Scion IQ just might be the first under twenty-thousand dollar car that the valets park right out in front…at least until the novelty wears off!

What do you think of the IQ….hot or not?




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