“I respect the decision, but I 100 percent believe I won the fight. I hope this dismay doesn’t cause people to discard the sport. I’m still here. I can fight.” ~ Manny Pacquiao

With the integrity of the sports of boxing hanging in limbo following the controversial decision at the conclusion of Saturday night’s Pacquiao–Bradley match  I began to explore the what if’s.

What if Manny, who hadn’t lost a fight since 2005 was declared the winner of Saturday night’s PPV event? Would anyone have gotten up Sunday morning discussing how tough Tim Bradley was? Would the majority of fight fans know the names C.J. Ross, Duane Ford, or Jerry Roth? Would the sport of boxing be the main topic of discussion at your local water cooler?

In my honest opinion the answer to all of the above is ABSOLUTELY NOT…

Now many are crying foul because most people believe that the fix was in and that Manny was on the receiving end of a Vince McMahon-esk screw job.

Pacquiao landed 253 punches to Bradley’s 159 and the Compubox stats indicated that Pacquiao dominated his opponent landing more punches in every round with the exception of two. However the judges saw it differently, leaving me to ask the same question that so many others have asked “What fight were the judges watching?”

Top Rank Promotions general Bob Arum has now called for a probe into Saturday night’s decision and he even went a step further saying that there would be no rematch without an investigation.

Do real fight fans even want to see a Pac-Bradley rematch?

Probably not…

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