Fayetteville, Ga. (WAOK-AJC)- After making more than $200 million during his boxing career former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield has sold his Fayette County mansion. According to a senior advisor, TMZ reports that Holyfield sold the mansion on Evander Holyfield Highway near Fairburn for $7.5 million on March 6.

While not providing financial details, Tony Tortorici, the boxer’s senior advisor, said the Fayette home was purchased by J.P. Morgan Chase, “technically as part of a foreclosure. However, Evander continues to live in the house while options are being pursued. He is confident that an amiable agreement will be reached soon to resolve this situation.”

TMZ said the home was sold at public auction and that part of the proceeds will go toward settling back federal taxes. The entertainment site said Holyfield owes more than $14 million on the house.

The 109-room mansion near Fairburn sits on 235 acres. It features a bowling alley and theater. According to a 2009 AJC interview, Holyfield said it cost more than $1 million annually to maintain.  Another Atlanta publication reported last year that the 2010 taxes on Holyfield’s mansion was  more than $155,000 and the electricity bill was an “occasional $17,000.”

Holyfield has had several child support claims to deal with over the years. Holyfield, has 12 children by six women.

Holyfield, who will be 50 on his next birthday, has expressed an interest in getting back in the ring to fight possibly in the United Arab Emirates.

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