GAINESVILLE, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – Celia Savage isn’t exactly a firecracker. Instead, she’s a bomb-builder.

Savage, a 22-year old college student, admitted to building bombs Wednesday after telling federal investigators that she illegally possessed a destructive device and was in possession of firearms despite being a drug user. WSB-TV reports that the FBI, GBI, ATF and local police searched her home Wednesday and found explosive devices, firearms, and illegal drugs.

According to WSB, Savage told federal investigators that she made between five to seven bombs of various sizes, detonating them for her own recreational use. A YouTube video of Savage that was previously posted of Savage blowing up a toilet has since been taken down.

Savage is described by her father as being “a real good person,” a churchgoing college student who enjoys hunting, fishing, skydiving and shooting at the firing range. But police have indicated in media reports that Savage allegedly dabbled with marijuana and crystal meth, Savage telling them of her recent drug use.

“I wish the government would stay out of her business,”  Tom Savage told WSB. “I think everybody ought to be able to stay on their property, do whatever they heck they want to.”

Celia Savage is currently being held in the Hall County Jail on drugs, weapons, and explosive charges. She is due in court Friday morning.


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