Usually I reserve this for the weekend so I can hear what the listeners of Sports Kings Radio think but right now I have no choice, but to tell ‘em why I mad son….

Why don’t the New Orleans Saints shut up and get to work… I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the empty chair the team will leave for suspended head coach Sean Payton & Jonathan Vilma’s idiotic lawsuit versus commissioner Roger Goodell; instead I think they should focus on the obvious & that’s to sign your MVP QB Drew Brees.

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In my honest opinion Udonis Haslem deserved to be suspended. He should have been tossed out of Game 5 and suspended for one game for an obvious technical 2 foul against Tyler Hansbrough but on the other hand it amazes me the way the whole Lance Stephenson thing has played out all over the Pacers’ guard taunting LeBron James during a free throw attempt. Good thing the Miami Heat play in the NBA otherwise Juwan Howard and Dexter Pittman would be charged with premeditated assault for the way things have played out over the past few days after; first with Howard approaching Stephenson during shoot arounds and them Pittman’s WWE-like flying forearm that could have caused serious injury to the Pacers’ guard.

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And finally the possibility of Shaq becoming the next General Manager of the Orlando Magic cracks me up… First off I’m not sure if Dr. O’Neal is ready for a job of this magnitude but then again stranger things have happened and it obviously leaves me asking one question: If O’Neal gets the job what becomes of Dwight Howard? This should be very interesting…

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