Did you see the swanky pictures from the White House Correspondence Dinner at the DC Hilton on Saturday night?  All the celebrities, politicians and the Obamas?  So, I really wanted to go to that dinner, I could have if I would have pulled a few strings BUT I chose to stay in Atlanta and go to the Democratic Party of GA Jefferson Jackson Dinner at Hall C of the GA World Congress Center!  Swanky, huh?  Parking $10.00.  Dinner…some sort of chicken type thing!
HIGHLIGHT…seeing all my favorite GA politicians and elected officials and having a chance to catch up with my favorite District 4 couple, Congressman and Mrs. Hank Johnson.  I’ve known them for some years now and they are the most down to earth people and fellow lawyers and have always been so good to me.
Former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson was the speaker.  Congressman John Lewis was there and I ran into Burrell Ellis, Michael Thurmond and DPGA Chair Mike Berlon.  It was a pleasant evening.  I was constantly congratulated on winning my seat as a Delegate to the DNC and for my hot pink dress (I was on the way to the Pink Party next).
All in all, there was no red carpet, no flashing lights, no Obama sightings, just a great night of local politics in GA and trying to turn this damn town BLUE!


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