On Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending a great celebration gala for an organization called Cool Girl’s, which empowers under resourced girls to reduce cycles of teen pregnancy and overcome barriers of racism and sexism, through a holistic approach.  Basically, Cool Girls is dedicated to the self-empowerment of Girls!  Girls who will change the world, break the cycles of poverty in their families and communities, and become confident women through education and exposure.
Acclaimed Singer CeCe Winans was honored along with Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam (who I have a special relationship with since she went to Spelman and pledged Delta Sigma Theta) and the night was a celebration in pink and appropriately named, the “Hot Pink Party”.
CeCe came up to the stage to make her speech and she looked as radiant as ever, in simple slacks and a patterned shirt.  I wondered if she would sing a few bars for us…any Winans song would do me just fine.  Instead, she began to talk about what it meant to be a “Cool Girl”.  She said, “Being a cool girl, is knowing who you are.  No matter what that means for you”.  She repeated herself again.  I totally agreed and began to reflect on the exact moment when I realized who I am.
It was the day after the tragedy of September 11th.  I was so confused, I was trying to find my family, my friends and there were no phone lines open to NYC.  I was a lawyer at a big company in Atlanta.  I forgot I was working.  I had to find my daughter at day care, touch base with my husband, go to NYC to find my father.  It all happened so fast and it was in that moment that I realized my priorities were in all the wrong places, I wasn’t being who I really wanted to be, a better mother, a better wife, a better citizen, a better daughter!  On a day that I should have had so much fear, I was able to let go of my fear and finally get in touch who I knew I was and wanted to be.  I quit my job that week.  A lot has happened in the years since 2001.   I have experienced ups and downs like everyone else but mostly, peace.
For me, being a cool girl is knowing who I am and feeling 100% peaceful with her!!!!  Thanks CeCe for the reminder.  Great night.


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