One week ago, I Iay in my bed beyond exhausted after being elected to serve as a 5th District GA Delegate to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Charlotte, NC.  As tired as I was from a very long week of work, home duties, campaigning and preparing my speech, I was still  energized by the process, the grind, the hustle, the networking, the smiling, the explaining and the persuasive words and phrases I used to get people to support my cause and more importantly, to show up to vote on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!
It worked, I’m going, I’m really happy.  I’m also a little bit affected by the process and dare I say…I may want to explore public office in my far away future.  I say far away because right now, I am having such a good time hosting the “Mo Ivory Show” and serving as the Political Specialist for CBS Radio Atlanta.  BUT, I began to understand the drive necessary to convince people that you have a plan, that you have done the work, that you can make them believe you can do it again and most importantly, that you will.
See, I am a hard worker by nature and nurture.  I come from a long line of hard working men and women that were educators, city workers, seamstresses, hospital janitors that demanded dedication, intensity and commitment.  That is how I was raised.  When I was about to turn 14, my mother took me to get my working papers in the Bronx and that summer, I began working at the library, full time.  I made $2.10 an hour and at the end of every pay period, I turned  my check over to her.  I didn’t even know there were any other options because there weren’t!  That’s the way it was done and that’s the way I was raised.  On the nurture side, my parents always wanted my sister and I to achieve more than they did. So, they exposed us to things they had never done as children such as weekly trips to Broadway plays, private gymnastics lessons, dude ranch visits, boarding school visits, service projects and other activities that took up all of our time so we could never hang out and get in trouble. We were busy all the time and we learned to work, hard, all the time.  This upbringing and work ethic helped me to become a successful lawyer, entrepeneur, political consultant, talk show host, mother and spouse.
Most  importanty, it taught me to do the right thing, be honest, treat all people equally, fight for the underserved and mean what I say.  I realize these skills are absolutely fundamental characteristics needed to pursue an elected office.  Listen, you also need intelligence, speaking skills, humor, money, friends, supporters, people who think they can benefit from your office, if elected.  So, as I reflect on one week ago today when I participated in my first attempt at an elected position, I feel confident in the future, that you will see the VOTE FOR MO IVORY t shirts come out of the drawer and hit the streets once again.  Stay tuned!!!!!!!

Moraima “Mo” Ivory