JONESBORO, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A local man opened fire on neighborhood children after a football was accidentally thrown onto his lawn Thursday.

Anthony Ealy, 49, went before a Clayton County judge last Friday on the matter, according to WSB-TV. He was one of three people taken into custody after the incident.

Along with Ealy himself, neighbor Lamont Hammond and his wife Jennifer Schnell were arrested for engaging in a physical altercation with the man over his threats on the children.

Area kids have allegedly been disrespecting Ealy’s lawn for awhile, and he has taken action before against it.

“He’s asked them several times, ‘Please don’t walk across my property.'” Ealy’s wife, who declined to give her first name, told WSB-TV. ” So he just went ahead and put up some barbed wire.”

When the ball landed in his yard late last week, he reportedly became so angry that he took out his gun and fired one shot.

His wife claimed he fired his gun in self-defense.

No one was hit by Ealy’s gunfire, but he is still reportedly being held without bond, WSB-TV is reporting.

Schnell and Hammond were each charged with battery, and are being held on $5,000 bonds, according to the Clayton County Inmate Search website.


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