Augusta National Golf Club, hold out for as long as you think you can.  BUT, eventually, real soon, you will have to reconsider your policies, make adjustments and deal with the hard truth.  Women are now playing the corporate game on the old boys network lines and achieving CEO status’ that allow them the same perks their counterparts have received in the past.  When Virginia Rometty became CEO of IBM, you should have gotten together in your green jackets and had an honest talk about your biased views on gender equality.  You can’t hold the power and the secret deals from the ladies any longer.  Listen, I am sympathetic to the idea that you want to hang with the boys, talk junk, itch and scratch certain places, I get it!  Do that on your yachts and private islands!  But just like the days when you rather look at all white faces playing golf on those pristine greens, you had to deal with Lee Elder in 1975 when he qualified and became the first African-American to participate in the Masters Tournament.  Despite the fact that Augusta National was under great pressure in the1960s and 1970’s to admit an African-American member, you still did not admit your first black member until 1990.  Listen, I’m proud of you for doing that, but it should not have taken 15 years after Lee Elder for blacks to be able join.  Will it take another 15 before women can gain membership?  What about transgender golfers as members?  Will they get only a 50% membership?  Augusta National…Stop it, Right now.  Let Virginia in and give her a green jacket that has a nice tailored waistline and a beautiful Hermes Augusta National scarf to match.  That would be really classy of you!