ATLANTA – (WAOK/AJC)  –   The grandmother of a slain Jackson State University freshman said Thursday her family wasn’t surprised by the arrest of a cousin.   “We had assumed it might’ve been his gun that did it,” Alma Henderson told the AJC by telephone from her home in Mississippi, saying the family knew the accused shooter had firearms and had brought two of them to a confrontation at an off-campus party. Nolan “Ryan” Henderson, 19, of Stone Mountain, died early Sunday at the Palisades Apartments in Jackson, Miss., according to police. Late Wednesday, Jarrod Emerson, 25, of Jackson, was charged with murder in Ryan Henderson’s death, the Jackson Police Department said. According to investigators, Ryan Henderson was involved in a fight at the complex’s swimming pool with several players from the JSU football team and was assaulted.    The teen left the fight and called Emerson, his cousin, who was nearby, police said.   The cousins then returned to the complex, not far from the university campus, to confront those responsible for the alleged assault, police said. “Ryan should have never gone back,” Alma Henderson said Thursday. At the complex, Emerson pulled out his gun and fired several shots, sending people scattering in different directions, police said. Ryan Henderson dropped after being struck by a bullet.


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