MARIETTA,Ga. (AP) — Police outside Atlanta say an officer shot and killed a man who was nude and armed with two knives.

Cobb County police Sgt. Dana Pierce said Wednesday that 18-year-old Tendai Nhekairo was shot at an apartment complex Tuesday night.

Pierce said officers were responding to a 911 call when they encountered Nhekairo. There were initial reports that Nhekairo was carrying a gun, but Pierce said Wednesday he was armed with the knives.

Police say Nhekairo tried to attack one of the officers, and was shot. He died at the scene.

The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave, which is routine when police are involved in a shooting. Cobb County police continue to investigate.

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Comments (5)
  1. Uncle Tom Bill says:

    I suppose that he was a “little angel”.

    Not so fast!


    Was he “high” on dope?

    1. L.G. says:

      Does drug possession justify the fact that he was killed? Unless you know Tendai or his family personally, you have no right to comment on his story. His family and friends are hurting right now while you play detective googling his name. There is no reason he should have been killed that night. Other means of stopping whatever “aggressive behavior” he is said to have displayed do exist and could’ve been easily used. Again though, stop getting involved with a tragic story you know nothing about. Imagine being his family member and seeing all these stories and reading nasty comments from outsiders who don’t have a place in this. Any compassionate human being would understand that his family has the right to grieve without others adding to the suffering.

      1. Uncle Tom Bill says:

        My, my,here’s a person that doesn’t believe in FREE SPEECH!

        I would guess that the US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech only for liberals!
        Typical, so typical, of people that supports criminality among the Black neighborhood. Last time I checked, using and possessing drugs is still a crime.

        As long as this state of mind exists, Black people will still wind up filling up prisons, or either getting killed!

  2. Frustrated Black Boy says:

    I don’t stay in america and i am so glad for that. because being a black man one day i would just add to the statistics,
    to all my black brothers in america i can just say guys please refrain from Calling 911 when you require assistance – because the law enforcers will simply send you a train assassin who will shoot you down and then just earn themselves a paid leave or some Administration work.
    to bad if the law enforcers of a country that claims to be a democratic country cannot be trusted.
    There is a saying that goes like, “To be black is a crime you will pay for the rest of your life.”

    Rest in Peace Tendai,

  3. T. J Junior says:

    @Uncle Tom Bill
    If you don’t have anything to say, why don’t you shut the **** up, what do you know about black people.
    Black people are always getting killed and ending up in Jail because America is full of Racist like you.
    if there was less people like you trust me – black people would not be killed in such an alarming rate like that.
    Stupit idiot.

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