Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques White,  our show was action packed.  Our special guest was Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough. He stopped by to inform us on current happenings with the Clayton County Sheriff Department, and the upcoming election against Victor Hill.

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough put it all on the table with Lorraine Jacques-White. Taken a listen below for the latest on the highly controversial Clayton County Sheriff Department.


Sheriff Kem Kimbrough 1:

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough 2:

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough 3:

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough 4:

Comments (4)
  1. Jonesboro Johnny says:

    It’s absolutely amazing the lies that were told by Sheriff Kimbrough during this entire interview!

  2. Jonesboro Johnny says:

    I’ve lived in Clayton County for 37 years and I’ve seen many changes and I don’t have to contact the FBI to learn about the crime in my county. I know that crime is on the rise. And I know that Sheriff Kimbrough is not out there fighting crime. He has shifted the direction of the Sheriff’s Office by taking over security for the school system and neglected the serving of warrants. It’s as if he has surrendered the streets to the criminals. His ineptness as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county has allowed crime to get out of hand in this county. Instead of playing with all those young women, you should have been fighting crime!!!!

  3. Uncle Tom Bill says:

    I love it!

    This a good example of what happens after Negroes take over!

    25 years ago, Clayton County had impressive law enforcement, look at it now!

    You might as well write it off as another country taken over by Negroes!

  4. KarmaIsaBiatch says:

    @Doug from Dunwoody, you were very, very close with your questions. If you were a bomb you would have scored major damage. Sheriff Kimbrough smoothly avoided your second question about the lack of service on that warrant that ultimately lead to the death of a young man in North Atlanta. Sheriff Kimbrough continues to lie about Alisha Parkes. She has been gone from the Sheriff’s Office about two weeks. It isn’t clear if she resigned, was fired or is actually out on FMLA. But what is crystal clear is that she is pregnant with HIS child and that is why he refused to fire her. He also is under investigation for his sister-in-law stealing close to 100,000.00 from the Accounting Office of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department! This man is a liar, hypocrite, adulterer and immoral chump!! VOTE HIM OUT ON JULY 31, 2012

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