We just took the time out today to reflect on Trayvon Martin and how his death has affected all of us. Click the audio links to hear part of the conversation…

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  1. Pastor W,Johnson says:

    It’s a shame that from emmit till to trayvon Martin black men and boys are still being lynched in this country, justice and equality is still a long way off but we will keep on believing and praying untill God brings it to pass, laws are being changed but our hearts still needs work, God bless our country

  2. sirwinston1941 says:

    There is no doubt that this Martin case is indeed worth investigating by the United States Justice Department. You have all but two in Standford police department involved. The city manager must fire the police chief, the state prosecutor must also go. The police officers who did not do a complete investigation also has to go. Mr. Zimmerman has told one lie right after another; his dad, the judge should know better than to make calls to get his son off the hook; and those who complied are just as guilty! This case is what we all know something like the Ms. Johnson murder….police covering up the real facts in the case. I think that the Special Prosecutor knows that the FBI don’t lie either. They are waiting on her decisions….and all of the tapes, phones calls, etc., Mr. Zimmerman should step forward and tell the truth before this situation turns into an all out riot. He knows he violated Mr. Martin civil rights, approached him had him lie on the ground on his back, straddle him, and shot him thereby claiming he was standing his grounds. Mr. Zimmerman knows that he is in for a long hard fight and his ride will be short. His neighbor Frank Taafee is also trying to weight in but his facts are not correct and this Joe guy whoever he is….is a disgrace to us all but to the justice system as a whole. Finally, the FBI knows the truth as to what happen and no matter what, Mr. Zimmerman fail to obey the 911 operator’s order to not follow Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin only stop when Mr. Zimmerman announced that he was a police officer, he told Mr. Martin to put his hands up and walk back to him slowly, made Mr. martin get down on his knees and lie on his stomach, it appear that Mr. Zimmerman might have tryed to handcuff Mr. Martin and that did not happen; with Mr. Zimmerman pointing his gun at Mr. Martin back, he fired, I bet the medical examiner might say, the bullet hit him at a distance or at or about close range! Mr. Zimmerman, the game is over, you must come forth and tell the truth before it is to late. You infact firbriacated your own injuries with the broken nose and bashing of the back head, those are what is known already. In fact, where are the doctor reports on your broken nose and your cuts in your head which only showed up recently. Regardless, God don’t let evil things to stand in front of the truth. If you don’t come forward and tell the truth; Mr. Martin’s death will haunt you for as long as you will live!

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