Conditions around the Greater Indianapolis Area started deteriorating around March 5th.  A system where hot and cold air masses combined for opposing effects thus causing the final conclusion to happen on March 7th.  Hurricane Peyton Manning was released on March 7th, for mutually exclusive reasons.  From the powers that be, it was felt that Peyton had done all he could do in Indianapolis, but Peyton concluded that he was not ready to finish impacting all that followed him.  Peyton, affectionately called Hurricane Peyton has decided to spread his system to other places, in hopes to finally get a landing spot.  However, Peyton has left carnage in his path and what will be the forecast forthcoming?

Hurricane Peyton visited the Denver Area in hopes to get a landing spot.  Denver, just coming off a successful period of good weather figured everything could always be improved.  The powers that be decided to engage Hurricane Peyton and there was some positive vibes that came from the visit.  In the meantime,  the mostly sunny weather Tim Tebow, previously in place, was rattled by the visit.  Hurricane Peyton, decided to go south to Arizona.  Arizona felt that they acquired the perfect weather system just a season before but nonetheless, they accepted Hurricane Peyton’s visit.  After surveying the lay of the land, Hurricane Peyton decided to return east to regroup.  In the meantime, when Hurricane Peyton was a tropical storm, the state of Tennessee was one of his landing spots.  And the state grew so fond of him that when he became a full-fledged Hurricane, free to roam in any domain, they felt it necessary to see if a return visit is possible.  Miami, who is usually hurricane alley, also wanted to change the culture of its city so they concluded that Hurricane Peyton could wipe out all its previous attempts and help make that happen.  Their visit with Peyton also appeared to be positive.  Hurricane Peyton ultimately decided to visit Tennessee, in hopes to find out if it was a place really worth staying.  After almost seven hours of visiting officials in Tennessee, Hurricane Peyton decided to go to North Carolina to get back to full strength.

While getting stronger, Hurricane Peyton had an additional visitor.  Representatives from San Francisco came across country to see the awesome strength of Hurricane Peyton.  They decided that he was perfectly capable of upgrading the status of the city, regardless of the fact that they almost reached the pinnacle of success under Hurricane Alex.  Now, with the tremendous force of this Category 18 Hurricane, where will his ultimate landing spot be?

Enough of the analogies, Peyton Manning is that friend of your spouse that could possible break up a happy home.  Arizona after seeing the “writing on the wall” that Peyton would not be signing there, decided that it would be best to pay the $7 million roster bonus to Kevin Kolb and let him battle it out with John Skelton for the starting job.  Miami, has decided to pull out of the Manning sweepstakes and has set its focus on Matt Flynn bringing his talents to South Beach.

Tennessee, Denver and San Francisco appear to be the front-runners in no particular order to land Peyton Manning as their starting quarterback.  However, the team that does not land him, ultimately has some explaining and repairing to do.  Denver is concluding with this pursuit of Manning that “Tebowmania” is not good enough to win it all.  What happens if Manning does not choose Denver?  San Francisco was one game away from playing for the ultimate prize.  Alex Smith was the orchestrator of this symphony and what damage will the chase for Peyton Manning do to his psyche?  Tennessee brought in a veteran quarterback just last season in Matt Hasselbeck to serve as the bridge to Jake Locker.  If they do not land Manning, what happens to the relationship between the coaching staff and the quarterbacks?  Ultimately, what all these teams will have to do is put themselves back together after not landing the big fish that they sought.

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  1. nflfemale says:

    Great article! Think Arizona, still deservesnsome consideration and I not excludednthem just yet. Peyton may surprise you with his decision, checkout

    1. coachjdub21 says:

      Thanks a lot, I actually thought that Arizona would be a nice landing spot considering that you have Larry Fitzgerald and a pretty good defense in a very winnable division. I will check your site out in a few!!

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