Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques White, we talked about Crossover Day at the Georgia State Senate. This event took place yesterday, awhere the senate passed some very controversial bills.

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We exposed all of these bills to the Power Talk listeners today. The most controversial bills were the following:

SB 292- Drug Test:

SB 292 would require drug tests for parents who apply for the frederal Temporary Assistanc for Needy Families program. TANF provides temporary financial help to low-income families with children. It passed at 9:20 pm on a 35-8 vote, after a Democratic amendment to force state office holders to also take drug tests failed.

SB 312- Personal Growth:

People who apply for food stamps in Georgia would be required to take “persoanl growth” activities under a bill passed after lunch Wednesday by the Senate, although it would not likely go into effect soon even if it becomes law.

Activities mandated by SB 312 would include working toward a GED or high school diploma, receiving technical training, attending self-development classes or enrolling in adult literacy classes. “This is a worthy bill and it certainly helps those who receive these benefits help themselves and train themselves,” Ligon said.

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Power Talk listeners were enraged today. Listen In.

Senate Bill Passed Clip 1:

Senate Bill Passed Clip 2:

Senate Bill Passed Clip 3:

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